Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lomo Effect

The Lomo is a type of camera that can produce oversatured photos with a vignette effect and also other effects with different lenses. Here's how to reproduce the Lomo effect using the Swizzler.

First pause the video so that you can fine tune the changes easily. Here's the original video image 

Then apply the Brightness and Contrast effect and tweak the contrast until the colors are bright and vibrant enough. Usually the default setting is good enough. It the picture seems too dark, increase the brightness sparingly and balance it out with more contrast.

The next step (optional) is to apply the Color Correction effect and adjust the colors accordingly. I prefer to brighten the video using this method as it doesn't cause as much saturation as balancing brightness with contrast.

Finally, apply the Vignette effect and increase the radius until the vignette is just touching the corners of the video, and we're done!

Here are a few more examples to show the effect in action.

Original image.

Image with adjusted contrast.

Finished Lomo effect with added vignette

Original image

Image after some color correction

Turn up the contrast (notice how the image seems more detailed)

And as usual, add a vignette

This is just the first of many more composite effects tutorials to come. What are your favorite effect combinations?

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