Sunday, January 31, 2010

Video Effects and Transitions Showcase

Video and transition effects showcase. The transitions cycle alphabetically in order so all of them are shown. I only applied a few shader effects later on. Sorry about the low framerate (I really need a new machine), but it only stutters during recording. Even my 3 year old Dell laptop can run the application at full speed smoothly for full 1080p HD video at a full screen resolution of 1280 x800. I'll try to upload a smoother video when I get my hands on some real hardware. Till then, enjoy.

Version 0.8 will be released soon.

New in version 0.8:

  • Fixed resolution bug
  • New resolutions (aspect ratio) settings
  • New preview window
  • Videos now transition when the "Next" button is clicked
  • Framerate overlay implemented
  • and some other minor bug fixes

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